Master Thesis

Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague - Slavic studies

- Studies of contemporary student slang in Banja Luka -

The whole text of the MA is available in Serbian here:

— Abstract —

My thesis deals with the problems of language situation in Banja Luka and the most of all with the describing of contemporary student slang at University of Banja Luka with focus on Philosophical Faculty. Language behavior of local students is infuenced by the following factors: 1) language factors (standard language, dialect, sociolect, idiolect, foreign language), 2) non-language factors (demographical, economical, social and cultural). During the research stay in Banja Luka slang units were gathered by the means of questionnaire, observation, interview and other sociolinguistical methods. The slang units were sorted according to the determined criteria. There were two levels on which student slang in Banja Luka was being studied: lexical level and functional (communicative) level. This thesis has offered insight into the language situation in the student surroundings of University in Banja Luka in the academical year 2007/08. By this work a certain foundation for possible future research of Banja Luka sociolects is given.