New books on mission

published in 2022

— From Czechia till the Ends of the Earth: A Practical Guide for Missionaries and Those who Support Them —

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Together with my co-author Eliška, we've written a new book on mission from the Czech Republic. It is in Czech. The book aims at wider Christian public and is published by KMS Publishing in Prague. It is a combination of practical "know-how", how to support Czech missionaries, and of encouraging stories from specific Czech missionaries.

We are in contact with more than thirty of these intercultural workers and we find it important to let them share their experiences to help those who are preparing to go and to enrich those who would support them. Our desire is to see that Czech churches learn to send well and to provide good quality care for missionaries.

- Slavs to Slavs in Mission: Identity of Czech Missionaries in Former Yugoslavia Countries -

Knihu objednávejte ZDE.

You can order the book HERE.

About: Many would agree that the issue of identity is pertinent for mission. This book explores the case study of Czechs in former Yugoslavia countries with focus on national identity of the missionaries. It aims to help mission practitioners to understand what to beware of and what to benefit from. It provides a fresh insight into mission dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe, yet with its aim on identity negotiation of missionaries could relate to other contexts as well.